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Passive Stormwater Management


A rain garden is a simple thing that schools, organizations, and individuals can do to help with stormwater management. 

Rain gardens capture stormwater, keeping it from going down storm drains and out into streams and rivers where it erodes banks and carries pollutants from roads and parking lots.

The stormwater that is captured by plant roots in a rain garden filters out 90% of pollutants and allows the water to drain down into the aquifer where our drinking water is stored.  

Here are some resources.

§  Native Plant Society of New Jersey's Rain Garden Manual - This explains what rain gardens are, how they work, how to create one, and native plants to choose from.  It also includes some lessons that educators, parents, and Scout groups can use.



§  Groundwater Foundation - Protect. Connect. Inspire

Here you will find a plethora of information on rain gardens and how tos. 

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