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aka 4th NJ Civil War Volunteers Field Headquarters

This structure’s circa is unknown, however, we feel it is circa late 1700’s.  The staircase balustrade is made of burl wood.  It is a 2 story structure that probably housed extra household staff. 

The third barn on the property was next to it.  This barn was used to store grain and feed as well as probably some other animals.  The barn was sold to be used as a restaurant in Smithville, NJ sometime in the 1980’s. It burned down in the late 1990’s.

We now use this as a field HQ for the 4th NJ volunteers.  This is a group of Civil War Reenactors that portray what life was like on and off the battlefield during the period of the Civil War.  The soldiers would commandeer structures to be used for hospitals and field HQ during battles.  

We have dedicated this structure to longtime caretakers and friends of the Oakley Family the Franklin family.

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